Nick Jonas Strips at Gay Nightclub in New York

By on September 10, 2014

nick-jonas-gay-nightclub-stripping-dance-clubWhat’s this!? Nick Jonas stripping at a gay club in New York!

Last night the 21 year old singer decided to give a little striptease during an appearance at a New York City gay club called BPM and it was all caught on camera!

Sources say Nick was on-stage while the clubgoers cheered the hottie to show what he’s got underneath his button-up shirt. When the DJ kept encouraging him, he gave the crowd what they wanted, lifting up his shirt and showing off his sexy six pack!

Along with showing off dance moves Nick also showed off his MMA fighting skills he learned on the set of his upcoming series ‘Kingdom’.

Check out the video below as the Jonas Brother star shows off his incredible abs.

Content Via: Instagram