Ke$ha Afraid Of One Direction Fans After Harry Styles Texts

By on May 16, 2013

Is it True? Pop star Ke$ha afraid of One Direction fans!

After opening up about swapping texts  with, one direction band mate, Harry Styles, with MTV, fans have been after Ke$ha’s head. “We’ve texted here and there,” she told MTV News at the time, adding, “No sexting – not yet. Maybe he could be my cougar bait.”

Sources say Ke$ha wishes she never said anything. In her recent interview with Look magazine, the singer revealed her fear that some angry fans might want to physically attack her, saying: “I hope they don’t want to beat me up, I’m just a fan too.”

For you 1D protectors K$ha insures you there’s no romance involved, adding: “He and I are just friends. Actually we started texting a long time ago and we’re just friendly, it’s not sexy.”

On a side note, looks like we could be expecting A STADIUM TOUR FOR 2014 from One Direction in every country!

Photo: STARPICZ/Splash News