Aimee Garcia: ‘Go For It!’

By on April 16, 2011

Check out Aimee Garcia’s up coming movie ‘Go For It!’.
In ‘Go For It!’ Aimme play Carmen, a 19 year old student who is trying to find her identity, raised in the inner-city of Chicago. She spends most of her time in underground clubs enthralled with her true passion in life, dance. She proves herself to the tough streets of Chicago as she follows her own beat.
Born a first generation Mexican-American she is faced with what her parents expect and what her heart is demanding. Afraid to believe in herself Carmen is put to the test, when she is challenged by her professor to audition for a formal dance school in California. She is torn between a chaotic family, love interest and her best friend’s abusive relationship. Can Carmen overcome life’s obstacles and take the biggest chance of her life or will she fall victim to self-sabotage?
Written, produced and directed by Carmen Marron, ‘Go For It!’ is inspired by her experiences as a street dancer growing up in Chicago and hopes to inspire urban youth to believe in their inner-strength and follow their dreams.

Go For It!‘ hits theaters on Friday, May 13.
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