Twilight Cast On Comic-Con’s Convention Floor?

By on July 26, 2009

The Hillywood Show At Comic Con 09


“THE HILLYWOOD SHOW”, starring Hillary and Hannah Hindi will shock and amaze you as their impersonations of movie characters and parodies, based on popular films, such as, “TWILIGHT” are dead on. The show will make for a production that would impress even the most seasoned, “Saturday Night Live” cast member! With over 1,000,000 viewers “the Hillywood Show” continues to grow!

Two sisters, creating everything with just one camera!

The Hillywood Show Cast turned heads on the convention floor of this years Comic-Con 09. With there stunning costumes and looks they almost fooled everyone thinking they were the actual cast of Twilight. Definitely the best costumes of Comic-Con 09.

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“You can play that again. The Hillwood’s parody of, the already popular, Twilight is so shocking that you just have to watch it twice. Defiantly love the show and can’t wait to see more”

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