But It Looks The Same…

By on June 17, 2009

Why Should You Buy The New Ipone 3G s If It Look The Same?


What the point of buying the new Apple I phone 3G s if it looks exactly the same as the current model? Well, besides upgrading to a 32GB Iphone, the new Ipone 3G s is quoted to be faster, and that’s why Apple is calling it the Iphone 3Gs, “S” standing for speed.

Here are other Features of the New Apple Iphone 3G s:

Fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating: Designed to prevent fingerprints and face grease

New 3GS display: Designed for a warmer look – better and easier for the eyes

3-megapixel camera: Better camera with auto focus

Video: Now record & edit videos right from our Iphone 3Gs & upload to YouTube.

Voice control: Tell your Iphone 3Gs to call someone or ask it what mp3 your listening to and will respond.

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