Which Phone is the unlimited Smart Phone?

By on June 14, 2009

Appple Iphone 3Gs Vs Palm Pre, only by Sprint.

With the release of the New Apple Iphone 3Gs and the already released Palm Pre, it seems to be mobile madness. The Palm Pre, only by Sprint, is capturing many mobile users’ eyes, but the question is, will it last after the release of the New Apple Iphone 3Gs.

The Plam Pre has the multitouch screen, a 3.2MP camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a built hardware keyboard, but it doesn’t seem to pack enough memory as the up coming Iphone 3Gs. The Palm Pre’s storage capacity is only set at 8GB. The New Apple Iphone 3Gs will be coming in 16GB and 32GB. Finally, Apple has made the Iphone in 32GB and have also include many other features like, camera auto focus, video recording, faster loading applications and the long awaited copy and paste. Along with all the great added features, Apple has decided to make the New Iphone cheaper. The 16GB is set to be sold for $199 and the 32GB is set to be sold for $299. The New Apple Iphone is set to be released on June 19.

To Learn more about the NEW Iphone 3GS go to: Apple.com

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